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Laura Fischer is a writer, editor, pet owner, and big sister from northeast Indiana. She wrote her first story before she knew the alphabet (just scribbles in a notebook, but she knew what it meant), and she’s been telling stories and writing them down ever since. Her favorite kinds of stories tend to be fantasy and science fiction, and as the oldest of eight kids, she’s also very fond of familial relationships portrayed in fiction, especially between siblings, or friends who become like siblings to each other.

She currently has two pet mice and a pet cat (no, they don’t get along), but in the past she’s had birds, rats, and even a snake. Laura also plays piano and sings, and enjoys meetings with geeky friends twice a week for role-playing and ridiculous board games. Last winter she helped with a production of A Little Princess as a stage manager and in a small speaking role, supporting two of her sisters who had larger parts in the play. Her YouTube channel hosts fanvids she’s edited, and she’s also written a few songs. Her drawing is terrible, though.

Laura’s book about her experiences with childhood abuse is now available on Amazon.com and for free here on this website. Her newest fiction novella, The Doctor’s Assistant, will be published serially at childrenofthewells.com starting in mid-July 2013. She is currently working on a new young adult science fiction series which will eventually be published with Dragon & Kettle, LLC, as well as new episodes of Cat by Night.

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